Agencies and clients agree that poor briefing wastes both time and money. On a more positive note, the better the brief, the better and more accurate the results.

So to help you on your way to better results in 2014, here’s six key tips for a good brief which will generate three outcomes:

Outcome 1: better, more effective, measurable work

  • The most important piece of information issued by a client to an agency, from which everything else flows
  • The brief should be considered the platform for a communications campaign
  • Stimulate the creative imagination, don’t restrict it
  • Ultimately you are buying creative ideas

Outcome 2: save time and money

  • A proper written brief makes the process more efficient– that’s good for clients and good for agencies
  • Don’t waste resources
  • Outline existing creative resource
  • Let the budget be known

Outcome 3: make remuneration fairer

  • Clearer objectives are easier to price and compare apples with apples
  • A crystal clear brief ensures no extras later on
  • Clarity and depth enables all options to be considered, avoiding costly changes at the later stage
  • View our perfect campaign brief and here’s to successful campaigns for all in the coming year!