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Born out of a multi-disciplinary social marketing agency, Upshot’s speciality is insight, strategy and campaign planning.

We are proud to support clients in health, housing, education, arts & culture, business and communities, with the application of professional marketing expertise for human profit.

People choose us for our flexible, informed approach, substantial expertise and experience, ambition and enthusiasm to deliver meaningful results.



Research forms the backbone of our work. Getting under the skin of a particular topic, audience, community, customer or problem.

Our work spans evaluations; patient experience; social marketing; staff, resident and stakeholder consultations and engagement; perception audits; benchmarking and service engagement and planning.

The key to any research or insight project is identifying and engaging the perfect mix of people, to ensure the resulting strategy is representative and robust. We’ll work with your existing channels and augment them with outreach in all the right places, be that in workplaces, high streets, community resource centres, hospitals, leisure destinations or online.

If you like the idea of a small, senior team that will generate an impressively deep understanding in a short timeframe, you’ll like working with Upshot


Any form of business change benefits hugely from external insight and creative thinking.

We support strategic planning with crystal clear definition of segmentation, targeting, positioning, values, behaviours, tone of voice and messaging.

Our work varies according to the organisation’s make up and goals. Some clients want a high level strategic marketing plan, whereas others are looking for specific insight to inform business transformation, branding/rebranding, positioning/repositioning, service planning and growth.

We’re equally comfortable with both.


Welcome to the home of smart marketing.

We achieve the best possible results through a rigorous, proven approach to marketing planning.

Data analysis and insight work drives our strategy, which then informs the planning and media buying process. Campaign execution is managed with an eagle eye, to ensure we deliver with accuracy and impact. And we measure from the outset to ensure learnings can be acted upon and outcomes improved.

Each and every client receives a considered, informed approach to their project. We’re always thinking about how we can improve on the last campaign, or the latest web analytics, which is what makes our marketing smart.

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We’re based in the digital media and technology business hub that is Brighton, placed third in the Centre for Cities rankings, according to the FT. 

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