According to digital marketing guru and author Dave Chaffey, content marketing polled as the single most important area of marketing in 2014, in terms of offering the greatest commercial benefits.

It’s not surprising really, given that good content underpins all digital marketing activity in one way or another.

If content marketing is new to you, here’s some basic principles.

  • A content marketing approach comes from the position that people now buy differently. Search engines and blogs have changed the landscape.
  • At its heart, content marketing is about giving your target audience(s) content that they will value – be it educational, entertaining or inspiring.
  • Value and quality go hand in hand. So as well as being genuinely useful, it needs to be creative and well produced.
  • You need to create content in multiple formats such as infographics, podcasts, video, webinars
  • Don’t just put your content on your website. Create a landing page for it; promote it on your home page; optimise it for search; promote it through your social networks
  • If it’s sufficiently valuable, you might want to run a Pay Per Click campaign (PPC)
  • Measure it! Make it a feature of your web analytics dashboard.

If you could benefit from some help creating a content plan, or developing valuable content to drive business growth in 2014, please get in touch.