Another recent update in the midst of a website review prompted us to create this checklist infographic, which we thought we’d share.

Since 2012 Google has been telling us to concentrate on two key things: user experience and high quality content. It seems obvious that if you want a high performing website (not just one that ranks well in search engines), you should ensure that you deliver high quality information that is valued by your readers.

To achieve this you need to develop robust insight in order to define your audience(s) needs, wants and interests. You need to analyse the customer journey to match your user experience to it as closely as possible, providing relevant and unique content along the way. From this flows your content plan.

There are no short cuts (despite what some spammy SEO companies may promise)…short cuts will inevitably fail. And if a job’s worth doing…..

Content marketing checklist

So, if you aren’t already planning in this way, make 2016 your year to create an insight-driven, robust, realistic plan for long-term success.